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Ski tours

Hargita Spa –35 km from Székelyudvarhely

 Name of ski-truck   Level difference   Length   Night sk   Snowcannon   Difficulty
 ÓZON   100 m   450 m   no   no   easy
 CSIPIKE   40 m   320 m   yes   yes   easy
 MIKLÓS   75 m   275 m   no   yes   easy
 Kossuth I.   175 m   700 m   no   no   hard
 Kossuth II.   85 m   800 m   no   no   medium
 Kossuth III.   85 m   1.000 m   no   no   easy
 TÓFALVI   20 m   630 m   no   no   medium

At the Ózon and Miklós run there is a ski- lift and at the Csipike run a baby- lift, at the Kossuth truck an another ski- lift. The rental for one day is between 1000 HUF and 1500HUF.(near 150 000- 200 000 ROL)

Madarasi Hargita - 40 km from Székelyudvarhely

  Name of ski- truck   Level difference   Length   Night ski   Snowcannon   Difficulty
 VARGYAS   80 m   1500 m   no   no   medium
 ZÁRUG ENDRE   70 m   200 m   no   no   easy
 SUGÓ   90 m   700 m   no   no   easy
 KIS MIHÁLY     600 m   no   no   medium
 NAGY MIHÁLY   110 m   700 m   no   no   hard

At the Vargyas run there are two ski- lifts and at the Sugó and Zárug run there are a baby- lift.

Homoród Spa - 18- km from Székelyudvarhely
Near Lobogó Pension there is a new opened ski- track.

 Name of ski- truck   Level difference   Length   Night ski   Snowcannon   Difficulty
 LOBOGÓ   50 m   200 M   yes   yes   medium

There is a baby- lift. The rental for whole day is 1000 HUF. (near 150 000 ROL)


Due to the pension position and the closeness of the nature parks, a wide range of programs of active vacationing was launched here. This programme is for those who are interested in caves and spelunking. We recognized the need to protect the fragile and timeless environment, both above and underground, and we want to show you the beauty of the nature. We offering you an active vacationing like cave visiting, spelunking in the caves of Almás and the Gyergyóteker?patak. The Almás cave is a winding, twisting underground maze which has completely explored. This is one of the most wellknown cave of our region. The pot from Almás is a cave system, where water has carved out deep potholes like the Entrance Room, the Windows, the Csaba’s tomb, the Chapel’s Room, the Bear’s grotto, the Jordan’S Fountain Room, the Storey Room etc.

The Súgó cave from Gyergyóteker?patak is an erosional cave formed by the action of water and wind, carrying abrasive particles capable of carving rock. With respect to water, the processes involved are very much like those when a surface canyon is carved. Erosional caves can be found in almost any kind of rock, including limestone. It should be noted that erosion can be a very active process. In valley of Vargyas the erosion tends to produce tall, canyon-like passages. This is one of the most spectacular erosional cave known in Hargita couty formed in limestone rocks. The main parts of the cave are: the Maul’s Room, the Big Room, Ödön’s Room, Ladder Room, the Root’s Room. Here you may see stalagtites and stalagmites. . Please treat all caves with respect as these fragile formations are easily damaged.



f you are curious and like walking we show you the Vargyas canyon, the breathtaking beauty of it, in our personalized walking tours, local, professional guides and unique destinations promise an exceptional and enriching walking vacation experience. From the young to the young at heart, and who likes active vacations worth to be visited this canyon. Our walking tours and hiking vacations traverse the nature park near Vargyas brook. Our Private Walking Tours offer customized travel for your family or your favorite friends on a personalized departure.

This tour is an invigorating hike through a forest or a leisurely stroll in a village, our walking vacations and walking tours will enliven the senses and soothe the soul. We organize more walking tours near our town, or in Madarasi Hargita mountains. Interweaving health, adventure, culture, and awe-inspiring vistas in a single trip is why so many choose this experience over and over. So join us for your next adventure in travel and explore the world…one step at a time.



We are happy to present the most exciting fishing trips in Hargita county in Sanpaul(Homorodszentpal). Apart from very successful fishing you'll enjoy the fabled beauty of the salt lakes of Homoród and meet a lot of very beautiful and interesting birds.The village is situated at the crossing of the main roads of the Homorod region: the no. 131 and 133 county roads. This place is known for its salt spring, ponds and nature conservation area. The salt concentration is 193.862 gr salt per litre. In the vicinity of the salt-spring an artificial lake district was created for fish-breeding. On a territory of 183 ha several fish-ponds were created. Besides the economic role of the ponds and angling, more than 200 species of water-birds and plants have got acclimatized here, for that here is an ornithological reservation. In certain periods it looks like a "bird-hotel". This is one of the resting place of the migrating birds and it was declared bird conservation area in 1980. So far 231 bird species have been identified in this district, out of which 100 water-bird species. During the trip if you don’t want to fish, you may boating on the lake.


For those seeking additional options on their first class adventure, our trips offer the opportunity for travelers to experience their destination on the water. Central Romania is noted for its extremely beautiful, crystal-clear rivers. The Sebes- Körös and upper Maros rivers rush among hills and mountains.The banks are rich with berries, mushrooms and wild beasts. The tours include both the most complicated for good sportsmen ("white wave") and those recreational tours to have good time with your friends or family, including children.

Enjoy wonderful opportunity to choose one within your ability and to your taste!

A Paintball Party is Fun for everyone who is young or young harted. It's a great time!!!!
Well it is Fun and our challenge is getting you to come out and try it for the first time. Your equipment rentals and your field fees are included in the price.. We're inviting you and all your friends, families and co-workers to come out anytime in the next year and try yourself. If you're interested in bringing down a large group, school or work, we can get that price even lower!! After experiencing this high adrenaline game, you're the best source of advertising we can get. You'll tell everyone you know how much fun it was and there's a good chance your friends will want to try this exciting new sport. We're sure that you'll want to come out to play time and time again. Paintball is also great for birthday parties, bachelor parties and family reunions. All kinds of businesses are using Paintball for company outings (picnics) and Corporate Training because of the positive attributes that the game instills in the work force. Paintball is a game that is won by working together as a team, so teamwork is a major factor. It also promotes leadership, determination, communication skills and working under pressure. Please make sure you follow the instruction provided by the local fields for the safe enjoyment of this exciting sport.

Canyon Tour

This is a one day sight seeing expedition with magnificent views. Vargyas runnel caves a deep valley in the limestone and for its beauty is the number one sightseeing attraction in Hargita county. We are sure you will enjoy anyone of the tours we offer to the canyon. The whole teritory is a narural reservation, more than 10 ha. Our guides are the best in town and are known for being helpful, courteous, and informative. We are committed to making your visit to Vargyas region enjoyable. Seeing the timeless limestone valley grandeur and its incredible contrasts can make a life time memory.


Mountain Byke

Bicycling is extremely popular in our region. Possibly because of the weather and the natural beauty, the Gyilkostó region is one of the most popular places for cycling. You need lungs, though, and a good set of legs, because there is no such thing as flat ground or a level road. Everything here goes up or goes down, and very rarely is there a flat stretch between two inclines. Road cycling has been popular here for as long as bicycles have existed. In the past few years, mountain bikes have become extremely popular, and there are many trails expressly for mountain bikes.The smaller mountain roads are twisty and narrow, but they are not noisy, polluated or full of speed traffic. If you want you can rent bicycle from us. We handle bicycle repair as well. Over here where you find the cycling trails you can find the hiking trails too.

Outdoor training

This course is one of the most exciting ways you can discover more about yourself in a friendly and challenging environment. The primary programs include personal development courses for high school students, courses for educators, leadership courses. The wilderness is your classroom. The rocks, rivers, forests and lakes are the teaching tools for personal development and empowerment. You'll encounter physical challenges like climbing and rafting. Other challenges are more subtle, like sharing your thoughts and feelings with others, or learning to work effectively as a member of a team. These programs are created to inspire self-reliance, teamwork, confidence, responsibility and compassion. We offer a number of different adventures focusing on promoting self confidence and problem-solving skills. While people are learning to kayak or belay a partner hanging from a cliff, they are learning how to work with and rely on others, be responsible and accountable and how to overcome their personal boundaries of what they believe they can achieve. This training offers a wide variety of programs to suit you or your organization's needs.
- Discover, develop and achieve your potential.
- Leave behind the past, engage the present and prepare for the future.
- Accomplish challenging, unfamiliar tasks.
- Expand your personal boundaries.
- Learn you can do far more than you ever thought possible.
Courses range from 2 day weekend courses to full 10 day expeditions.

Jeep Tour

If you're looking to see the hills like never before, let us guide you to new heights and widen your perspective as we take you to the most interesting places of Harghita county. Come expeirence for yourself why our jeep eco-tours are the premier "must-do" activity in the Harghita Mountain. Whether you’re seeking adventure, or native Sekler history and culture, nature, ethno-botany or geology, we offers a program for you! The animators ensure the driver , the fuel, the entertinment and the food. Have a good fun!