Favourite Dishes

Baron of lamb Agnes style
Grilled sausage roulade with bacon and vegetables
Fried pork with French fries
Fried lamb with potato salad
Peasant style dish - with smoked bacon, sausages, greaves, cheese, cottage- cheese and before all a glass of home- made plum brandy
Bubble- and- squeak from fresh cabbage
Bean goulash with smoked trotters
Rabbit stew
Rabbit stew with paprika and sour cream
Stew of chicken with paprika and polenta
Clear soup from chicken
Large assortment of bio- dishes
Home- made bread, home- made milk- loaf, curd- cheese cake with cream, pankake with dill and cottage- cheese, sekler cake, and many other delicacies

If we have the raw material we can prepare for you anything after your demand.